Musical Soundscapes

"Electronic Crossover" Project

by Tyler Dence

You are about to embark upon a musical journey that both calms and exites, relaxes and agitates, and above all, challenges the idea that electronic music is one cohesive genre of music. This playlist features different artists' takes on electronic music, and the fusion of other genres into the electronic sphere. As you listen to these carefully chosen tracks, try to focus on particular characteristics of the songs, for example: the rhythm, the tempo, the instrumentation, and the vocal style. These characteristics will highlight the interplay between influences, i.e. a tribal rhythm sung with a rap style, dubstep beats, and a moog synthesizer (track 3 on the playlist - if you pay attention the lyrics as well, you will realize that this song is also a modern protest song, protesting government surveillance and corruption). This playlist is organized into five groups of five. The introduction contains five songs traditionally thought of as electronic, yet each have a different twist that makes them unique. The second group of five dives into popular music you might hear on the radio on a contemporary station, highlighting electronic elements in each of them. Then comes Mind Blow, the third set. Each track has something distinctly special that there are few other songs like them. The fourth section takes a trip into the past with five songs before the turn of the century. The playlist then concludes with songs that showcase a few particular aspects that were covered before.

I mention particular things to focus on, but also focus on the general theme of the playlist: how are different sounds used in these songs to bridge divides between styles and cultures.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the following playlist, entitled "Electronic Crossover"

Tip: Use the left and right arrow keys to skip between songs.