Alright, new server, new beginnings (kind of). The metropolis network project has been on standby for quite some time, given that I'm finishing up my last year at university, and haven't been playing for a long while, and certainly not enough to allow me to properly run the server. This has continued for some time, and I recognize that I cannot do this alone. A few years back, I tried to revive the network by bringing on Cardcha, who did some amazing work helping me rebuild the network, then mysteriously disappeared.

Since then, I've changed hosts, and I created a new map, with a new spawn and structure. A (mostly) vanilla server with some small additions. However, in my inactivity, the server has been lying unused for a long period of time. So, in trying to make this server better and more active, I have recruited two new administrators, xXGForceGamingXx and RKAviatorHackerX, to help me achieve the mission of bringing the server back into it's glory days, and reviving the metropolis network project.

I've been working for the past few days getting various things fixed up: installing anti-griefing plugins, adding a server shop in the basement at spawn, revamped the economy, and more. None of this could have been possible without the help of my new admins, so my sincere gratitude goes out toward their continued support of the server and the network.

What we need now, is players, and this is where you come in. Currently we are only running one server (whereas we had run up to 4 at some points in the past). My vision is still to create a network of servers and a warm community around them. What would these servers be? A few ideas:
  • Creative
  • Town/Faction server
  • Minigames
  • PvP/PvE
  • and more (You decide!)

None of this will be possible without you, as part of the community, so once we get 20 new active members, I'll post a poll on what server type we want next.

For now, though, welcome! My admins and I extend our thanks for being a part of this.

Side note
I have received a few questions about potentially becoming an admin or donating to the server. Currently, we do not need donations or additional admins, as our community is quite small, but as we grow, and start to open more servers, we will need additional support. Stay tuned for more information about this, and a large thank you for the willingness to jump in and help.
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Join! Join! Join! I just finished up a beta of the server. Let's play!

Ok, well I should probably explain who I am first. Tyzoid is busy with real life stuff, so he doesn't have enough time to set up or administer the server. This is where I fit in.

If you have any issues with the server(Or suggestions! I take them.)please contact me, either on the forum, 7car dcha a--t gmail d-ot --c o--m (<- Dang spambots, remove spaces and weirdness), skype "cardcha" or ingame.

This server is in BETA, meaning that there will be some issues. Please report any you find to me. There are a limited amount of minigames at the moment, but I'm adding at least one per day, usually more.

That brings me to another point. As I failed to mention before, this is a Hunger Games and Mini Games server. The current attractions are.
  • Spleef
  • TeamSpleef
  • CTF
  • TeamDeathMatch
  • 2 large Hunger Games arenas

So why don't I add a ton of stuff all at once? Well my building is awful. The current arenas are fine, and fun, but they lack luster. The spawn needs serious renovations as well. If you build us a half decent arena, or spawn, I'll give you donor status.

The only catch is that I haven't though of very good donor rewards yet. If you can think of any please let me know.

Note, you may want to wait until I add more donor rewards until donating, if you plan to do so.

One more thing, this server is slightly unpolished(but still fun)at the moment. I'm putting it out there because I want feedback! Feedback! Can't get enough of it. Send it my way.

Thanks very much for reading!
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Hey all,
Sorry for taking so long getting this out. Purplezebra finishing up the server, so hopefully it will be online sometime next week.

As you may have noticed, we've been being hit with spambots. I'm trying to find a reasonable solution, but until then, threads and forums may be closed while I try to manage it all.
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The forum is finally back online, but we have a problem with the database. I'm trying to resolve the issue, but for now, we will have to start over.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and I thank you for sticking around with us.

Also note: a new server is on it's way. It's going to be a 100-slot minigames server managed by purplezebra9000. Hopefully, we can gather enough interest this time around.
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